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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness Month






Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held in October every year, was created in 1985 to promote screening and prevention of the disease, which affects one in eight women in the United States every year and 2.3 million women worldwide. Known best for its pink theme color, the month features several campaigns and programs — conducted by groups ranging from breast cancer advocacy organizations to local community organizations to major retailers — aimed at:


  • supporting people diagnosed with breast cancer, including metastatic breast cancer

  • educating people (men and women) about breast cancer risk factors

  • stressing the importance of regular screening, starting at age 40 or age that’s appropriate for your personal breast cancer risk

  • fundraising for breast cancer research


Many women who have experienced or who are experiencing Breast Cancer are brave enough to share their story about their personal journey of breast cancer with us. Spreading the word about the importance of doing self-examinations, regularly getting mammograms, seeking services, and the willingness of empowering other women and men to let someone know that a diagnosis of breast cancer does not have to be a death sentence. The people affected by breast cancer are real and the stories they share are true.


Make a commitment to get screened and stay self-aware by performing regular self-examination and getting your annual screening if you are the recommended age or if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.


"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

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