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Elected Board Members:

Elected Board

  • Mrs. Katrina Boone - President

  • Mrs. Lenda Cadoree - Secretary

  • Mr. Larry Cooper - Treasurer

  • Mr. Clarence Lee - Enforcement Team Lead

  • Mrs. Felicia Ivory - Community Nurse

GFCCC Advisory Board

  • Mr. Frank Allen

  • Mr. Allen Provost

  • Mr. Furlon Nelson

  • Rev. Clarence Adams

  • Mrs. Lenda Cadoree

  • Mr. Larry Cooper

Street Captains

  • Arvin St. - GFCCC

  • Bean St. - Mrs. A. Shields

  • Bigwood Ave. - Mr. B. Jolly Sr.

  • Cabot St./Hillis St. - Mrs. J. Anderson & Mrs. F. Ivory

  • Claiborne St. - Mrs. R. Lee & Mrs. M. Gibson

  • Gallahad St. - GFCCC

  • Glenwood Forest Dr. - Mrs. J. Anderson & Ms. F. Ivory

  • Guest St. - Ms. K. Boone & Mrs. C. Rowlett

  • Haddick St. - Mrs. R. Potts

  • Hillis St. - Mrs. M. Gibson & Mrs. F. Ivory

  • Rinn St. - Mr. F. Allen & Mr. C. Adams

  • Seeker St./Hamlet St. - Ms. D. Jones

  • Sterlingshire Dr. - GFCCC

  • Resident Affairs Spanish - Mr. T. Randolph

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About Glenwood Forest

Established in 1968, the Glenwood Forest Community sits in the heart of  East Houston and is better known as "The Tree Community" Glenwood Forest Community is surrounded by its beauty of trees and its nature of Bayou's. 


The Glenwood Forest Community has great residents along with a rich culture of being family centered. "Glenwood" as we affectionately call it, has a natural mesmerizing beauty. Glenwood sports many large live oak trees throughout the community that we are so proud of. This six-section community lies northeast of downtown Houston and is prime property. Our community includes beautiful gardens and natural landscaping, hike and bike trails and go-to dog parks. As well, our amenities include pedestrian bike bridges, new pedestrian trails and "wayfinding" benches which will be historic to North Forest. 


The Halls Bayou Greenway creates a scenic detention basin with wetlands designed for flood control to protect our awesome community. 


We love our Glenwood Forest Community! "Where Neighbors help Neighbors" 


We welcome all donations such as items and financial. 

Deed Restriction Packages

are $40.00 each!


Our membership dues help the Civic Club fulfills its purpose of helping with community beautification, lawn care for Senior Citizens, Christmas parties and parades, printing of literature for residents, flags for Veterans, and Attorney fees. Membership dues for each household are $10.00 per month or $120.00 per year. Membership dues can be paid by cash, check, or Zelle. 

Our Meetings

Due to Covid-19 our meetings will continue to be Monthly every second Tuesday @ 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm via phone conference dial in Notice literature will be on flag of mailbox, email contact, Facebook and our website if any changes ever occur.

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

No Soliciting in Glenwood Forest Community

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