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Our President

Katrina Boone's Photo.jpg

It is with anticipation, as your newly elected president, that I am looking forward to the coming year. Many great changes and improvements have been made within our community. Please join me in thanking PJ Jones for serving as President of the Glenwood Forest Community Civic Club for the past 2 years. PJ has served so responsibly, diligently, and with so much heart that he has truly left big shoes for me to fill.  


My goal is to help us as neighbors stay focused, to maintain our mission and motto “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” and to continue to enhance our neighborhood as one of the best places to live in the city of Houston. This takes a lot of work and your participation is most welcome. Please do not hesitate to get actively involved to support our great GFCCC Community.


Warm Regards,

Katrina Boone

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

No Soliciting in Glenwood Forest Community

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